On June 9, an appeal will be heard by the Minneapolis Zoning and Planning Committee, which would allow the construction of a 207-unit condo building in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood. Last month, the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) voted against Minneapolis city staff recommendations and denied the request to build the project, hence the appeal.

Minneapolis needs more housing, and we need people to voice their support of this project! Copy and paste the following, or write your own and send it to:









Subject: Zoning and Planning – Approve the Alatus Tower appeal

I’m writing today in support of the appeal by Alatus for their condo project brought before the Zoning and Planning Committee. The historic significance of an empty lot should not be leveraged to prevent construction of additional housing in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is in the midst of a serious housing shortage. Houses and condos are on the market for literally less than 24 hours (!), and receive numerous bids, usually for tens of thousands of dollars over their asking price. Rents are skyrocketing as well, with the median cost of a 1BR apartment in Minneapolis now exceeding $1,000. This problem exists due to the lack of housing supply to meet the demands of this city’s residents.

Between 2010 and 2015, Minneapolis has seen an increase of 30,000 residents. But Minneapolis has not built enough new units to accommodate these new residents, and existing residents are being displaced as a result.

Projects like the proposed Alatus Towers, help to reduce this burden, especially near our downtown core. If this project is allowed, it will bring 207 new residential units to this city, and alleviate the upward pressure in the housing market that many across this city are facing. That means 207 less people fighting over the same existing housing stock. This will mean 207 fewer people who will have to move out due to rising rents. Housing is a right, and we must build enough housing to ensure that living in this city does not become an exclusive privilege.

Please grant the appeal and allow more housing to be built in our city. Thank you,

<your name here>