A proposed housing project is being appealed tomorrow (June 22) on Marshall St in NE. Roughly 200 housing units would be built, but the neighborhood association wants more parking (1 car per unit – that’s a huge, unnecessary parking lot!) and less height.


The requirement that 200 parking spaces be built is straight out of the 1970s, and is out of touch with reality. There’s no reason new housing needs to come with mandatory car storage, which only drives up (no pun intended) the cost of housing.


WHAT YOU CAN DO: Email the Minneapolis Zoning and Planning committee and tell them to deny the appeal and say that we want more housing in Minneapolis:











“Dear Council Members,


I am writing today to urge you to oppose the appeal of new housing on Marshall St NE. The City of Minneapolis desperately needs housing, and the reasons for this appeal are intended to keep out new residents. Lack of housing in Minneapolis is driving rents higher and higher, as more people move to the city and compete for a limited number of units.


We do not need a 1:1 parking ratio for new units in this city. If anything, we need a parking MAXIMUM so that we can build more housing for people, and worry less about where cars will be stored.


In addition, the height of this design is completely appropriate with what we expect to find in a city. This project is not density for the sake of density, but rather creates housing in an area where options are limited. Without the addition of more housing in this city, we will continue to see rents rise, as more people compete for a very limited number of housing options.


Please oppose this appeal, and allow housing to be built in Northeast Minneapolis.”